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Universal Principals of Combat

Fighting is fighting and it has always been the same from David’s Warriors to today’s “Shock and Awe”. Whether using a rock, a spear, a machete or a Glock, the principles for fighting are exactly the same. Here are a few of them. 1). Real fights are not “matches” or situations of mutually agreed upon […]

“They Fear What Is Coming” – Dave Hodges

All News PipeLine My partner Live Free or Die and myself were granted the opportunity to speak with Dave Hodges from The Common Sense Show on disturbing information he has uncovered about a number of topics which include, but are not limited to; bioterrorism, self-sustaining communities that have been set up for when SHTF for […]

How Ebola Will Irreversibly Transform America

by Dave Hodges In the face of an Ebola outbreak, the government should be deploying the military at all border entry points and in airports for the purpose of establishing quarantine zones for passengers suspected of exposure to the Ebola virus. All flights, to and from Africa, should be banned from entering U.S. airspace. Instead […]

Winterizing the Hammock for the Common Man

Pre- and Post-SHTF Vehicle Operations and Preparation

from SurvivalBlog Ask yourself this question: How will you get to your retreat when the SHTF? Do you imagine it will be easy? Even if you live at your retreat, there is still a good chance you work away from home. What about you city dwellers planning to jet out hundreds of miles away to […]